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Finezza company was founded in 2000 with the aim to be established as a company which produces and prints paper napkins of exceptional quality with slow and stable steps. As the time elapsed, the needs of the market made our steps less slow but more stable without ever abandoning our principles and our philosophy which remain the following:
  • Stable quality
  • Accuracy in the marked pieces
  • Flexibility with the quantities and
  • Specially detailed prints
The growing requirements of hygiene issues and the unreasonable consumption of paper, have created Autocut dispensers reducing the waste of paper.
The dispensers for toilet paper are the smart solution in all places which offer saving and protection of the paper.
FOAM N ´WASH is the absolute solution for hand washing, because avoiding losses and operating costs.
Paper baskets with modern design which fit at all projects.
High Standard
Hotel Equipment
Hotel Equipment
Hotel Equipment
Eco Friendly
Eco friendly products
Nobody can anticipate the rapid effects to our everyday life of the destruction of environment. Nobody can pretend that they cannot see them.
Recycling or the use of recyclable products is not a trend. It is and it has to remain to the conscience of everybody and especially to young people as a way of life. We are all responsible for what environment will give to the next generations.
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