Finezza company was founded in 2000 with the aim to be established as a company which produces and prints paper napkins of exceptional quality with slow and stable steps. As the time elapsed, the needs of the market made our steps less slow but more stable without ever abandoning our principles and our philosophy which remain the following:



        -  Stable quality

         - Accuracy in the marked pieces


        - Flexibility with the quantities and


         - Specially detailed prints



Nowadays,  Finezza has been established in people’s minds as one of the most serious, reliable, strong, and innovative companies in the production of paper napkins and additional cleaning products.


One production machine became tenthree colors in the range became twenty-four and then, with careful steps, there were added products such as table cloths, table mats, cover sets, refreshing towels, hygiene apparatus, and hotel equipment.


Flexibility in production, quick service, product quality as well as the constant and non-stop seek for new, innovative ideas and products, are some of the features that describe us and make us create higher standards and goals.


In a world where more and more companies are transferring their production line abroad in order to reduce expenses, Finezza insists on business in the country focusing on quality.


In a world where more and more competitors choose to lower the quantity and make discounts in the quality, Finezza has chosen to mark its boxes with the sign ‘guarantee of written pieces’.


We consider that these small details are those that make Finezza differ and we are really proud of it!

A brief presentation of our company:
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